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Welcome to now in our 11th Financial Year & to Profitable Race Analysis with The "Prophet of Profit" (reg) - No Cherry picked results! Full results published daily! Click on Results on main menu left of screen.
Our most consistent winning product is 'The Daily Mail' (reg) which puts us in the exclusive 2% that consistently wins at gallops racing!

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"The Daily Mail" (Reg.) - Daily Email Service                                                                              
Standouts, culled from all Australian tracks, plus
Days Feature Races anywhere in Australia
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TWITTER TIPS :- Last 75 - 34 1st, 17 2nd , 9 3rd, 5 4th & 10 unplaced
Sun Hamilton R 6 N0 4 'Onya Keithy' suggested price $3.45 - 1st $2.95 SP $3.00TF - Twitter Tips profit w/end +120% SP, +130% TF
Sat 8/2/14 Caulfield R 6 No 4 'Rubick' suggested price $1.75 - 1st $1.51 SP, $1.60 TF, plce $1.21

Only $15 for same selections our successful 'Daily Mail' (reg)& 'NoProfitNoPay' (reg) clients get!

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*Selections culled from all race tracks in Australia,
personally emailed after final scratchings on race day.

 *We recommend using either top flucations or fixed odds from your betting service , to maximise your return from the "Daily Mail" email us at or ring 0755 921274, 0413 027184 to find out why.
Choose from 'The Daily Mail' (reg) 7 days/week or NoProfitNSave PageoPay (reg) for weekends. Click on subscibe for other options.

- Year ended 31/12/2010 "The Daily Mail" top rated selections 34.15% strike rate & tax free
12.98% profit on turnover.
- Year ended 1/1/2012 "The Daily Mail" top rated selections from standout & Feature races 30.62% strike rate & tax free 6.88% profit on turnover for 2011 - for full details of 2011,2012,2013 results click on results in main menu.
2012 - For year to w/e 29/12//12 "The Daily Mail" top rated selections 36.68% strike rate & tax free
19.17% profit on turnover!
2013 -for year
 w/e 29/12/13 - Incessant bad weather affected results this year 34.64% strike rate & loss of 
-6.23% on turnover using SP, loss of -2.58% using top flucuations, using fixed early odds small profit.

This year 2013 'The Daily Mail' 33.64% strike rate & - 6.23% loss SP -2.58% top fluc for top rated selections, 69.05% strike rate for top 4 selections.
First loss in 6 years and the way betting opportunities have changed was probably a small win using fixed early prices - we will monitor those in 2014


HIGHLIGHTS  WEEKEND - Sat 15/2/14, Sun 16/2/14 

Trifectas win again but with good horses coming back so does everything else apart from 1st 4s unlucky again & Feature Races which with 3/10 top rated winners were only one more win aay from a profit.

'TheDaily Mail' had 5/11 top rated winners for +13.55% profit SP, +14.82% TF over the weekend.

Best of NoProfitNoPay was trifectas with wins both days +$767.54 profit or +159.90%, closley followed by Trebles which had a good win Saturday and a small one Sunday +$669.30 profit or +192.88%, standouts with +13..55% SP, +114.82% TF and Exotics with loss Saturday win Sunday for +1.10% for the weekend.

So good horses, good weekend and even better for those who combine "The Daily Mail" and NoProfitNoPay .

* Note differences bewtween SP and Top Fluctuations, and you can usually do even better by taking fixed odds as soon as you get the information.
DAILY MAIL FOR WEEKEND 45.45% s/r for top rated winners +13.55% profit SP,+14.82% TF
 *Do not forget the difference between SP and Top Fluctuations or fixed prices over the long run.
We are recording these differences on a daily basis this year so you know exactly what you are missing out on if you are not using them or Betfair.
With Betfair you can ask for the price you want and thus increase your returns even further it is a natural fit with the 'Daily mail' but more importantly will increase your % return over a year, and that in the final analysis is what it is all about, and thats why we are called raceprofit!


Daily mail for standouts every day plus all feature races, and NoProfitNoPay for exotic betting every weekend.

The Daily Mail takes care of Standout & Feature race profits, and NoProfitNoPay delivers profits for Trifectas, Trebles and 1st 4s (+$23,164.90 so far this year!)- the perfect combination! Scroll down to see the 2011 figures.

1. Subscribe to 'The Daily Mail' (reg) for 30 days and get membership of NoProfitNopay for Free!
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To join Daily Mail which gives you daily standouts and Feature races from all Australian tracks click here

The combination of Daily Mail (reg) for standouts & feature racing, and NoProfitNoPay (reg) for exotic betting on weekends is a powerful mix as illustrated below.
Final figures for this year updated to Save PageSun 30/1/12


**Race Profit's "The Daily Mail" :- 
2009 Results
After w/e 3/1/10 - Top rated Standouts 31.98% strike rate, +4.90 % per anum profit rate.
Top 4 selections strike rate 64.45%.

2010 Results :-
4/1/10 -2/1/11 - Top rated stanText Colordouts 34.05% strike rate, + 12.25% per anum profit rate.
Top 4 selections strike rate 67.29% 

2011 Results :-

3/1/11 - 1/1/12 -
Top rated standouts 28.57% strike rate, +3.79% per anum profit rate
Top 4 selections strike rate 67.65%

2012 Results:-

2/1/12 - 29/12/12 -
Top rated standouts 36.68% strike rate, +19.17% tax free return on investment
Top 4 selections strike rate 71.56%

*For more information on "The Daily Mail" (Reg.)  click here


2009 -After weekend ending 27/12/2009 + $39,812.40 profit for year 2009

2010 - After weekend ending 27/12/2010 + $2,601.10 profit for year 2010Exit
Save Page
2011 - After weekend ending 1/1/2012 + $4309.50 profit for year 2011 +23.03% tax free return on investment

2012 - After weekend ending 29/6/12 - +$3374.89 profit for year 2012 + 16.93% tax free return on investment


2011 -After weekend ending 31/12/2011 +26,218.03 profit for year 2011! +55.03% tax free return on investment!

2012 - After weekend ending 29/6/12 +$10,469.27 profit for year 2012 +14.43% tax free return on investment


2011 - After weekend ending 1/1/2012 +$1127.00 profit for year 2011 +7.43% tax free return on investment

2012 - After weekend ending 29/6/12 +$3805.66 profit for year 2012 + 23.26% tax free return on investment

NoProfitNoPay/Quadrellas (commenced 23/6/12 -ended 16/9/12)

2012 - 12.73% s/r +$15,863.50 profit   +125.41% tax free on investment

No Profit No Pay! (Reg.) One off $20 joining fee Click here to add to cart.

For more detail on how NoProfitNoPay (Reg) works click here 

A. Selection Options

     Changes for new Financial Year applicable from Saturday 2/7/11

NoProfitNoPay (Reg.)               The Daily Mail (Reg.)            FEATURES       CASUAL $15

to NoProfitNoPay (Reg.)

Feature races are Listed Races,
Group 3, Group 2 & Group 1 Races
SAVE at least 33.33%!
 DAILY MAIL 7 Days a week!

e.g 7 days was $50 now $30
30  days was $150 now $100
A 26.20% strike rate,
and more importantly
 +45.03% profit on turnover
from top rated selections in Feature
Races for this first 6 months,
means we are adding
weekend Feature Races
as a NoProfitNoPay option.

Judged on profit from top rated
selections for days Feature Races
The 'Daily Mail' (Reg)
now only $100  for
30 days, thats
$3.33 /day! 
Includes standouts
culled from every race
track in Australia &
all feature races
363 days/year
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Covers all Feature Races run on days 
other than Sat or
Sun, eg. public holidays.
incl Melb Cup!

Only $50 a year!

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Saturday click here

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Choose Saturday/Sunday
or Saturday only.
Sent by personal email
after final scratchings.

NB. All NoProfitNoPay members
also receive Feature races run on
days other than Sat/Sun, incl
the Melb Cup for no charge &
no winning fee!


You get Feature races
from every track for
every day, except Xmas
& Good Friday.
7 days per week with
ratings 8 deep to help
with exotic betting

Standout selections give
top 4 selections by
number in each chosen
race with suggested prices
& name of top rated horse.



If you join
NoProfitNo Pay which is
only $20 this option is included.
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2.Trifectas & Feature Races

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Sunday click here

No Profit No Pay! (Reg.)
One off $20 joining fee.
For weekend bettors
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*If you have already joined in
the past just send us an email
to reactivate  – there is no charge
for reactivation.

    Proudly sponsored by  
All prices for NoProfitNoPay
 Unitab prices

"The Daily Mail" (Reg.) -
Daily Email Service
Emailed to you every day after
final scratchings. 
(time varies depending on
daylight saving)
Standouts, culled from all
Australian Tracks &
Days Feature Races anywhere
in Australia
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Your feature races have ratings 8 deep
to help you with exotic betting.
3. Doubles

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Sunday click here



Sunday click here

Other NoProfitNoPay Options
either separately or jointly are:-

1. Standouts - Judged on profit
from top rated Standouts only

2. Exotics - Judged on profit from
standouts & suggested Quinellas
90  Days          180  Days                 
$300                 $550    
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365 Days

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5. 1st 4s

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Sunday click here
3. Trifectas - Judged on wins
from 2/5/8 combination only
4. Trebles - Judged on our
suggested Trebles only
5. 1st 4s - Judged on 3/5/6/8
combination only
Only $20 one off joining fee
& $20 a win per product,
paid after you win!
Choice of us processing wins
or you doing so per email link
we will send you
Save Page
Break even or loss costs
you nothing!
For more detail on how
NoProfitNoPay (Reg)  works
click here

B. Betting Options

1. Race Profit is now in its 11th financial year and probably Australia's best kept secret with clients who have been with us since we started, ALL results since then are on our web site and ALL results good, indifferent or bad are published every day.
Our performance is completely transparent
, we use exclusive software put together by professionals in both the computing field and even more important, proven winners in the racing industry and then add our own analysis using our decades of experience, before finalising selections, resulting in what we like to say means,
"We do the Work - You make the Money!"


2. Click on banner below for special betting from  

Betfair is not a bookie or a betting agency but an exchange.
Pit your wits against another, either by betting or laying like a bookie.

We always check Betfair first against our suggested prices as we get firm prices when we bet
and as they take less % than other operators those prices are usually very good.

Betfair has huge range of world wide racing, sports etc that you can bet on or lay, 
plus access to a tote on their pages, and much,much more. 

 Click here to subscribe to other weekend products starting at just $20 for 1 week. 

*Online orders processed securely by per CBA  
Note: Using the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's Payment Gateway means we do not see or receive your credit card details. Read our privacy statement in full. Cards accepted as below.

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                           Some Client Comments

Brilliant Result Gerry,
Noel 6/8/11
after winning $2331.82 using NoProfitNoPay/Trifectas on the Saturday.

....and just a little icing for the cake today.
Noel 7/8/11 after winning another $191.89 from NoProfitNoPay on Sunday

A cheque left me today bound for you.

I got busy on Friday but was going to say thanks for the flexibility. I have been running a couple of selection services but decided that you can only process so much information, and often I would get conflicting tips for the same race but I have decided to just run with one system which is Race Profit.

The others had their good days but I think the personal service that you offer was a big winner in your favour. (and they didn’t used to respond as much as you do when I have a grizzle). And they were always trying to pump a new product, and it seemed without giving attention to their existing products. I think the fact that you battling against the big boys helped to.

I had decided this a few weeks back and your good period gave me the confidence that I had done the right thing.. but after the weekend I am not so sure (only kidding) .. but your flexibility in retaining the selections certainly gave me more confidence that I had done the right thing.

So sadly you are stuck with me for another three months at least.

Cheers, Bob T 29/5/11

Hey Guys.. Good work on Sunday.. Saturday was pretty average.. altho Gerry threw out Barbaricus which was a gutsy run and a fantastic dividend... thanks
Bob T 20/10/08

Thanks.  I've already received your Christmas present (race 6 at Randwick yesterday).

          Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas to everyone at Race Profit.           Elizabeth L. 24/12/06
          * Our 2nd rated horse just beat our top rated horse in R6 (The Villiers) Winner paid $7, quinella $47.60, our 2/5/8 trifecta combination $1282 ($1973.40 on Unitab) and the 1st 4 which was within our 3/5/6/8 parameters $7876.40!

"Your 6th birthday is my 1st birthday.  Yes, I've been with Race Profit for 12 months now, and I want to thank you for an interesting, enjoyable and profitable year."  Regards, Elizabeth 5/8/06

"Thanks for the free selections yesterday. I took 3 multi trifectas 3x4x5 at a cost of $13.50 for a ˝ unit in each race for a profit of $250."  

Great work guys. Thanks, Chris P 4/11/05

"Your memory is correct, I got my first big trifecta win in my third week
with you, and my profit overall is averaging $1000 per month - from an
initial one-off investment of $400.  I only started using the 1902 number in
November and so far I've had two big trifecta wins in less than two weeks!
Yes, you can use my comments, but without my surname as you suggest."
Elizabeth L 14/11/05
-US; mso-fareast-language: EN-US; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA">"This is a great idea. I loved the $1000+ trifecta today - I certainly backed a winner when
I signed up with Raceprofit." Elizabeth L - 13/11/05

YAHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOO,     What a trifectca for Sat, makes the last 2 skinny weeks not even exist!!   Cheers Noel (22/1/06 after getting the $5587.50 trifecta emailed out on Saturday morning 21/1/06)

Read more about what our clients say about us - click here 

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    Should you have any queries that can't be answered on the pages of this site, please click here.

    Important! Make sure you enter your CSC numbers (the last 3 numbers on the back of your credit card) when we transfer you to the CBA payment gateway site.

    For your security and ours we have instructed CBA to only authorise on line transactions where the 3 CSC numbers from the back of the credit card are entered as well as the usual credit card number and expiry date  (we never see any of these so your security is absolute)

    You will see where to enter the 3 key pieces of data when you are taken to the CBA site.

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